1. $2.75 Million – A woman sustained lumbar disk injuries after a slip and fall accident in Essex County. Read more here.

2. $1.05 Million  County motorist rear-ended by bus suffers back injury requiring two surgeries.

3. $900,000  An Elizabeth, NJ man was rear ended while driving his car sustaining injuries to his neck and back resulting in surgery.

4. $600,000 – A man slipped and fell off truck sustaining back injuries with 2 surgeries.

5. $375,000 – Bayonne woman’s car was struck by a truck, sustaining herniated disc and underwent epidural injections and an endoscopic discectomy.

6. $235,000 – Medical Negligence – Delivery of a child.

7. $232,500 – Nursing Home negligence – Elderly woman dropped by a nursing assistant fracturing her femur.

8. $225,000 – Emerson woman struck by car causing adhesive capsulitis and a tear to her shoulder requiring surgery. Defendant disputed that impact caused injury and took a “no pay” position. During Trial, defendant made a minimal offer that was rejected by client. Verdict over 8 times defendant’s offer.

9. $210,000 – Hasbrouck Heights man was a pedestrian struck by a car causing neck and back injuries and surgery.

10. $200,000 – Cliffside Park man passenger in a tow truck that flipped over causing neck, back, head, shoulder injuries including surgery.

11. $193,000 – 78 year old man caused to slip and fall outside of a business on an oily substance causing injuries to his right hip including surgery with plate and screw.

12. $175,000 – Cliffside Park man on a motorcycle that was struck by a car causing injuries to his neck, back, and right shoulder including surgery.

13. $135,000 – A DPW worker struck by a car while working sustaining injuries to his shoulder that included surgery.