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If Your Child was Injured in a School Bus Accident in New Jersey, Our Attorneys can Help You Hold the Responsible Parties Accountable

No parent expects to hear that their child has been injured in a school bus accident. No matter what happened, or who is to blame, just knowing that your child has experienced such a traumatic event is enough to turn your life upside down. If your child suffered injuries in the accident, you owe it to yourself and your child to seek fair compensation.

At the Law Offices of Jeffrey Hasson, P.C., we provide skillful legal representation for families following school bus accidents in New Jersey. Our attorneys have decades of experience, and have secured millions of dollars in compensation for victims of all types of motor vehicle accidents throughout the state. If you and your family are entitled to compensation for your losses, we want to help you. We will fight vigorously to make sure that the at-fault parties are held accountable for the compensation you deserve.

Serious Injuries from School Bus Accidents

The size and limited maneuverability of buses, the presence of numerous other kids plus their backpacks and other items, the absence of seatbelts, lots of windows, and other issues can all make school bus accidents more dangerous than ordinary vehicle collisions. In addition, as children, school bus riders are already at greater risk for suffering serious crash-related injuries. Unfortunately, these factors combine to put children at serious risk in the event of an accident.

As a result, many school bus accident victims tragically suffer serious injuries. These include:

  • Broken bones
  • Head, neck and back injuries
  • Severe lacerations from broken glass and other debris
  • Emotional trauma

For children, these and other injuries can have significant long-term – and in some cases lifelong – effects. As a parent, you could be facing years of medical bills, costs to modify your home, inability to work, loss of family relations, mental anguish, and other losses. The reality is that your child’s school bus accident could affect your life in ways that you could not have previously imagined for decades to come. To make sure you are prepared, you need to take legal action.

At the Law Offices of Jeffrey Hasson, P.C., we have specific experience in cases involving severe traumatic injuries, including traumatic brain injuries (TBI) and spinal cord injuries (SCI). If you choose to work with us, we will make sure that you fully understand the consequences of your child’s injuries and fight to ensure that you have the compensation you need for the years ahead.

Special Requirements in School Bus Accident Cases

Under the New Jersey Tort Claims Act, there are restrictions on parents’ ability to file compensation claims against school districts and other public entities. Among other limitations, there are extremely strict notice requirements, and there are special procedures involved that do not apply when you file an ordinary personal injury lawsuit in your local county court. This means that, if your child has been injured in a school bus accident, it is essential that you both (i) act promptly, and (ii) hire a law firm with specific experience handling claims against the government.

Seeking Compensation from Other Parties for School Bus Accidents

Of course, in many cases, the school district isn’t the only party that is responsible. Maybe another driver caused the accident; or, maybe the maintenance company that the school district hired to take care of the bus failed to meet its obligations. The reality is that there are numerous parties that could have made numerous mistakes leading up to your child’s injuries. When we take your case, we will conduct an investigation to identify all of the responsible parties in order to make sure that you and your family can seek maximum compensation for your losses.

With the Law Offices of Jeffrey Hasson, P.C., You Only Pay if We Win

At the Law Offices of Jeffrey Hasson, P.C., we handle all injury cases on a contingency-fee basis. This means that there are no retainer fees or monthly legal bills, and you only pay at the conclusion of your case if we have helped you secure financial compensation.

No recovery, no fee.

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