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The sheer size of semi trucks often carrying dangerous or flammable goods can present a great risk to motorists. Too often trucking companies push their drivers to exceed the time they are allowed on the road or to overload trucks to increase profits. To avoid catastrophic and fatal trucking accidents, truck companies are required to follow industry regulations.

If you or your loved one was a victim of a tractor trailer accident in New Jersey, obtain experienced legal help. The Law Offices of Jeffrey S. Hasson, P.C. has years of experience in handling trucking accident claims throughout New Jersey. We will act quickly to help you and your family obtain justice.

Truck companies typically have substantial resources to try and limit financial and legal liabilities associated with catastrophic and fatal trucking accidents. Our law firm will not let insurance companies back us into a corner. We will act quickly to preserve critical evidence before insurance adjusters try and limit your financial recovery.

Personal injury attorney Jeffrey S. Hasson often works with accident scene reconstructionists to determine negligence, especially if liability is initially unclear. As a legal team, we work together to piece together the series of events just before the collision occurred. We also evaluate police reports, witness statements, fuel tickets, dispatch sheets, log books and maintenance reports. Our firm’s detailed approach helps us uncover liability factors, including:

  • Truck driver negligence — We have the background and experience to hold drivers accountable for driving under the influence of alcohol and prescription drugs, speeding and reckless driving.
  • Truck company negligence — We will investigate to determine whether the truck company encouraged the driver to work with little rest or to load the truck beyond its weight limits in order to maximize profits. Part of our focus also includes determining if poor driver training or a lack of maintenance on the truck possibly caused the accident.

Our detailed approach helps us negotiate with insurance companies from a position of strength. If the settlement offer is too low, we will not hesitate to prove fault in trial.

Securing Your Right to Obtain Financial Compensation

Truck accidents often result in life-threatening and catastrophic injuries, such as:

Hospitalization, surgery, and ongoing rehabilitation are often required. The costs can be enormous. Personal injury attorney Jeffrey S. Hasson will consult your medical doctor to illustrate the extent of your injuries.

He also works with vocational experts and economists to demonstrate how a catastrophic or permanent injury has affected your ability to make a living. We will pursue maximum compensation to cover your medical bills, lost wages, rehabilitation needs and other expenses associated with the trucking accident.

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